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02:25pm 02/02/2009
So I hear there's a dungeon around here now, huh? Well, I've got some free time on my hands...

*Lina Inverse is going to go try and kick down the door of Garland's dungeon now*
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06:13pm 14/01/2009
I spent so many nights in the lab that I didn't even realize, I've got a room mate or something now. Wash, huh? I'm Lina Inverse, hope we can get along.

Also... Shantotto... what is that... that thing guarding the lab? ((She's talking about the Cardigan))
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11:23am 04/01/2009
Well, I'm finally all set up for my kick ass magic lab~ Man, that thing is so cool. It is so cool, like some kind of magical researchig doom fortress. We've got a moat of lava, and a tower that goes high into the heavens and deep into the Earth, and... damn. Hey Gil, how's that science thing going?

On one hand, I really do want to get home, but on the other hand... this place is like FULL of demons, right? This is the black magic research opportunity of a lifetime! Time to go round up and capture some demons and research some new spells~
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11:43pm 20/12/2008

*sigh* You know, I wish I could say this was the first, or even the second time that something like this has happened to me. At least I'm not in a ridiculous, frilly dress this time without any of my equipment or treasure. That said, any time this kind of thing has happened, I didn't freak out. You guys on the other hand? SERIOUSLY, WAY TOO LOUD.

I speak from experience when I say all this noise and panic doesn't help. Especially if it gets you on my bad side. So stop running around like chickens who had their heads cut off and installed megaphones up there.
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